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Floor care services is a very complex area of expertise. We have extensive experience in the total care of all types of flooring from linoleum, stone and other hard surface flooring, VCT to wood and synthetic gym floors in Rhode Island (RI) and Massachusetts (MA). Each different floor requires a different approach. Different systems of refinishing and care, including different chemicals and machinery are used for different surfaces and situations. It is extremely important to use the right system for the right application. These kind of floor care services can be costly to service, if they are not maintained in the most appropriate and efficient manner.

We use the best possible products available in every step from stripping to refinishing to cleaning, polishing and rejuvenating. This saves money due to lower labor costs. This also keeps floors looking their best under all possible conditions. We own all of the equipment necessary to do the job right, in the most efficient manner possible. From small floor scrubbers to get the tight spots to full size walk behind and ride on auto scrubbers, and high powered vacuums, we have what it takes to get the job done.

Our people are fully trained in the use of all machinery and chemicals they use. We are constantly keeping abreast with the floor care services industry. Changes in floor types, construction, and their care are constantly changing. Federal and state regulations also change from time to time. We have to be sure to stay current on all these changes as their effects on our industry can be considerable. When your floors look their best we all look great.

Also; State and federal governments have been studying the problems associated with floors containing asbestos. Though perfectly safe when maintained properly, these floors pose a constant and serious health problem when not maintained in the proper manner. We have experience working with this type of flooring and have done so on a regular basis. We feel confident that we can help you with all your floor care needs in Rhode Island (RI) and Massachusetts (MA) no matter how big or small.

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Green Cleaning

Environmentally safe cleaning products and supplies have become the norm in today’s evolving janitorial industry, and Dynamic Janitorial Cleaning is no exception to that! We are proud to say that all cleaning products we use for our daily cleaning services are Green Seal Certified.

We believe every company should be responsible to reduce as much impact as possible on our planet.