Building Maintenance

We offer building maintenance services including carpentry repair, some mechanical and fixture repair, and handy man services.

Very often no one is available from a facility 24/7 in case of emergency calls or for the everyday maintenance calls you can get from staff or tenants. That is where we can help. We offer on call services to our cleaning and or maintenance clients. We take these calls and then act on them as directed by you. Some facilities just give us the appropriate contact information for during office hours and often personal phone numbers of owners or managers for after hours. Some will give us a list of vendors they would want us to call.

Sometimes we can send out one of our own mechanical maintenance techs to remedy the problem. Often someone just needs to let a tech into the facility or escort him or her to the problem site. It also fits in well that all of our cleaning techs and maintenance techs are fully aware that they are an important part of all of our corporate family and are the eyes and ears of each facility. Everyone is part of the system to report anything that is in need of repair or attention or just does not seem right. Some examples of these calls are:

  • If the elevator is inoperable or someone is stuck in it.
  • Lights go out in part of or all of the building.
  • A plumbing or electrical problem.
  • Someone just broke glass in the parking lot or in the facility.
  • Telephone or cable tech needs access to a locked electrical closet.
  • One of our cleaning techs notices a broken dispenser or fixture during the course of his or her duties.
  • The calls and situations are endless and we can help you deal with them promptly.

A perfect example of the
importance of this service:

Not that long ago there were some major rain storms that hit part of our service area. Many businesses were badly flooded and the damages were extensive. We noticed some of our corporate partners were taking on large amounts of water in their facilities. At the same time of reporting the problem to the owners and managers we immediately began working on the problems. Some had pumps that were not functioning automatically, so we manually started the pumps and called their contractors responsible for repairs. Some had no pumps so we acquired large gasoline powered pumps and kept them running 24 hours a day for as much as four days before the water subsided. One facility had a gasoline powered pump that was not working so we brought it back to our shop and repaired it to get it back in service ASAP (we are directly associated with BP’s Vacuum & Machine repair). After the flooding was over we did not stop there.

"We helped the owners get the appropriate contractors into the facilities to set up preventative measures to alleviate any future water problems."

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Please contact us to provide your building maintenance services for our on call services for cleaning and or maintenance clients located in Rhode Island ( RI ) and Massachusetts ( MA ).

Green Cleaning

Environmentally safe cleaning products and supplies have become the norm in today’s evolving janitorial industry, and Dynamic Janitorial Cleaning is no exception to that! We are proud to say that all cleaning products we use for our daily cleaning services are Green Seal Certified.

We believe every company should be responsible to reduce as much impact as possible on our planet.